Sunday, July 1, 2018
Sunday, July 1, 2018

8th Caribbean Title for Trinidad and Tobago

PARAMARIBO, Suriname, July 1, 2018 –It was a repeat of the final preliminary game between Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago in the gold medal match in the 17th CAZOVA (Caribbean Zonal Volleyball Association) Women’s Championship here tonight at the Ismay van Wilgen Sport Hall


Suriname was intent on changing last night results as they quickly went ahead in the first set 4-0 forcing Coach Cruz to take a time out and the score was 8-7

By the time the first Technical time out was called in Suriname favour.  However, After the TO it was a different TTO team which moving ahead and kept the lead until they won the set 25-21.  In the second and Third sets team TTO did not allow themselves to get behind Suriname score making sure they cut the serving errors that occurred the night before which made a big difference. TTO team only made 19 errors compared to 47 the night before and Suriname made 25 errors.


Krestel Esdelle top scored for TTO with 20 points out of 40 attempts while Suriname Sandrina Hunsel contributed 17 points out of 47 attempts which was her lowest score in a game for the tournament.


Renele Forde, TTO captain said despite our nervous start in the first set we decided not to make the serving and blocking mistakes from our last match against Suriname as we did work on these areas during practice. We are happy to be winners once more but this time our team will like to dedicate this victory to our colleague Ayana Dayette who passed away yesterday.  “Ayana! This one is for you!


Coach Francisco Cruz of TTO said “I am very for this 7th victory while I am with this team.  It started in 2006 in Bahamas and we won every Senior Caribbean title after that, I must now concentrate to our future tournaments Panam Cup, CAC games and then the World Championships in Japan.”


Cheryl Burnnings, Suriname Captain “we started good with high energy level but dropped during the game; we cannot be inconsistent against a good team like TTO as they have great players that can change the game on you anytime.” Finally, I want to express on behalf of our team our deepest condolences to the family of Ayana and also the Volleyball Community of Trinidad and Tobago.  We loss a great friend and may her soul rest in peace.


Suriname Eric Aikman – “Yesterday’s game was played with less pressure and with more freedom but today we were under pressure and the girls lose the momentum after a great start.”


Trinidad and Tobago now won the Caribbean championships eight (8) times with the first being in 1996 in US Virgin Islands but this is their 7th consecutive wins.  Barbados Stunned Bahamas in five (5) sets to take the bronze medal in the earlier game.


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