Saturday, January 19, 2019
Saturday, January 19, 2019

Kelly-Ann and Jalicia Join the TTVF administration

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad and Tobago, January 18, 2019 – Mushtaque Mohammed is back at the helm of the Trinidad and Tobago Volleyball.

 He was voted in unopposed to lead the Volleyball Federation (TTVF) until November 2020 when the next electoral Congress is due. Nicole Selvon who was elected in January 2017, resigned her post of president mid-way through her four-year term on Wednesday 16th January 2019 at the annual general meeting.

Selvon, who became the first female president of the TTVF, stated that she was unable to complete her four-year term because of family commitments. Only two of the 10 members of her executive were still on the board before the meeting and when secretary Cherese De Silva also stepped down, a snap election for all the posts was called.

The General Meeting was chaired by Norceca’s President Cristobal Marte Hoffiz who was also present two years ago when the last Board of TTVF was installed. 

President Marte, was very critical of clubs as they show no interest in the daily activities of the association but are quick to criticize and jump into office to because of their selfish desires.  He highlighted the support received by the TTVF from NORCECA and FIVB and was saddened to learn that no financial statements were presented since 2012 after Mushtaque demitted office.

He pointed out that he will focusing on club development and is especially pleased that national players Kelly Billingy and Jalicia Ross-Kydd – 1st and second vice-presidents, respectively – have accepted positions in the executive.

 There were healthy and fruitful discussions coming from the floor and at the end of it all a new board was elected. This group is made up with a wonderful mix of experienced, well intentioned persons and, some new faces such as Aaron Pollard, Jalicia Ross-Kydd and Kelly-Anne Billingy

The TTVF is at that transitionary period where that handing over of the baton has started to take place. Our proudest moment came when national players Kelly-Anne Billingy and Jalicia Ross Kydd accepted the positions of first and second vice presidents respectively.

These two ladies who have done yeoman service in flying the flag of T&T for many years at different levels of their volleyball career, the last being World Championship in Japan October 2018. They will now be operating on the other side of the fence and seem quite eager to hit the ground bouncing, as they bring their professional training in Marketing and Sponsorship to the table.

Mr Martes Hoffiz in his congratulatory and closing remarks was solid in his conviction to continue to support Volleyball in Trinidad and Tobago and asked each board member to put their shoulders to the wheel, work as a team, and never give up. He emphatically told all present just as World championship in Japan seemed only to be a dream, but became a reality and we are now ranked 27th in the world, so too, we should focus and  look ahead in preparing a team for the next Olympics, and to start training tomorrow.

New TTVF executive: President – Mushtaque Mohammed; delegate vice-president –Daymian Stewart; 1st vice-president – Kelly Billingy; 2nd vice-president – Jalicia Ross-Kydd; general secretary – Aaron Pollard; assistant secretary – Kamla Elcock; public relations officer – Beverly Fook; board members – Brian Charles, Collin Charles.

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